Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I have done in the last year and a half

Graduated PA school
Moved to Belize
Got married.
Zip lined through the jungle
Volunteered to teach high school biology to sophomore boys.  Much worse then last time.
Went for a month without a washing machine.  After it rained for 2 weeks straight, watched everything, including clothes, mildew.
Got a sheep instead of a washing machine.  Named sheep Isaac Washing Machine.
Watched as husband chased runaway sheep all around town.  Tried really, really hard not to laugh. failed. 
Got a washing machine.  Discovered that tree frogs enjoy living in washing machines. Found that tree frogs are much easier to catch after stunned into submission by spin cycle. 
Cooked cupcakes from scratch
Cooked bagels from scratch
Cook pretty much everything from scratch….
Designed a house
Watched as the top story of my house (pre-built) fell OFF the truck that was carrying it to our building site. Used it anyways.
Built a house.
Painted ceilings, painted walls, grouted tile, used a power washer, discovered that whitewashing things will burn the skin off your hands…
Moved to the farm.
Lived for a week without running water
Acquired:  cows, horses, goats, chickens, and rabbits, all of which have wandered into our house  uninvited at some point.  Discovered the wonders of fences.
Tried to learn to drive standard.  Failed.
Worked, cried, fought, bullied, pleaded, bribed, and shopped until my little house became liveable.
Learned that city bugs have nothing on country bugs.  We’re talking spiders AS BIG AS MY HAND
Killed a (small) snake that was in my house.  Had a (small) nervous breakdown.
Watched a cow being born
Wake up with the sunrise.
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