Friday, November 1, 2013

rain and bunnies

Every year we get a week like this, where it rains all day every day and everything molds.  Crossing the 100 yards of mud to get to the car with 3 little ones in tow becomes an exercise in strategy, strength, and patience.  Rubber boots are a necessity, and a spare "nice" shoes are kept in the car for quick changes in case we go somewhere where boots are a bit gauche.  And the laundry just piles and piles because line drying is impossible in torrential downpours.

But this year, I got a dryer.  Suddenly life is so easy.  I did 5 loads of laundry in 2 days, and everything is DRY.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but for now I'm washing everything even when it is raining out. Because I can.

All this rain means the ground is so saturated that water actually seeped up through our concrete floor and flooded our bathroom for a few days.  Of course creatures also are being flooded out of their homes, and often chose our house for a bit of a nice dry vacation.  I'm glad I don't have anyone crawling this year, because the inevitable crumbs that toddlers seem to multiply and spread to every corner are attracting ants like mad.  Then there was the tarantula in my towel incident. I'm still not sure how I spotted the dark spider sitting on my navy blue towel as I was stepping out of the bathtub, since I'm blind without glasses, but I am forever grateful that I did because my next step would have been to dry my hair.  With the towel and tarantula. Ugh ugh ugh.

Not everything that has moved in is gross.  A new batch of baby bunnies were getting a bit cold and damp, so they have taken up residence in a tupperware box on my kitchen counter.

They are indescribably soft.  I don't mind about the lost countertop space, cause I get to pet them whenever I like.  Bunnies are nice stress relief.
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