When I was 15, I knew that by the time I was thirty I would live in a big city, travel the world, and have smooth, manageable hair.

this picture cracks me up

Almost 15 years later  Ahem, a few more then 15 years later... I live on a farm in a small country no one has heard of unless they stopped there for 3 hours on a cruise.  I have goats.  I am quite regularly shocked when I look in a mirror and see the state of my hair.

I write because my life is so different from what I ever imagined, and I know my family and friends have a very hard time imagining my life.  So here are some snapshots into my life in Belize.

Some past posts:
my house, part 1 and part 2
sometimes my days are like this.  Sometime they are like this.
we lived without electricity for 3 months...
and then there was the time I got licked by a jaguar.
aaaand finally, a short history of me.

cjphotobelize at gmail dot com is where you can email me....
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