Thursday, April 18, 2013

the dry season is here....

.... and it is hot.  HOT.  I can't even describe it because I'm melting into a puddle.

On the up side, they turned the fountains on at the Cayo welcome center.

Oh, to be a two-year-old....

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter fun

So.  I sewed my Easter dress this year.  I was super proud of myself, and I think the dress is lovely in real life... but it just doesn't photograph well.  Mom wants to see pictures though, so here it is.  You will have adjust the picture in your mind.  The skirt is a flowy, shimmery coral-color silk (the camera can't handle that color for some reason and it just looks red), and the top looks much nicer when I'm not awkwardly posing.  Also there was a finger print on the lens that I didn't notice all day.  Behold:

Also for your enjoyment, I present a rooster photo-bomb:

I have a series of about 20 pictures where I am figuring out how to use my camera remote, and he is in every one of them.

While I was vainly photographing myself, the babes slaved away as official gate man:

The number one reason why I want children is so they can take over my job as farm gate opener and closer.  He is showing remarkable aptitude in this area, thank goodness, else we'd have to send him back :)

Linking up with Grace for the Easter outfit party....

Have a lovely Easter week!
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