Thursday, July 8, 2010

chetumal part 3

Like I mentioned, we did a lot of shopping in chetumal, because you really can't get a lot of things in Belize.
Here is some of my stash:

I stocked up on chocolate.  You would not believe how expensive it is here.  I got some fun fabrics, and a bunch of children's books for my neices and nephew.  You also can't get books here.  Wait, no books, no chocolate..... what am I doing in this country????

anyways...  there is this big store in the mall that is like a super wal-mart, with food, household stuff, clothes, basically everything.  Including green sausage.   Yum?

One section of the store  had "international" food, with italian, greek, japanese, etc.  The american section had goldfish crackers, A1 steak sauce, and some of those packs of pasta that come in a box with sauce and stuff.   That was it.  I guess america doesn't have a very good international culinary reputation.

And finally, a shot of Daniel's favorite store in Chetumal

1 comment:

  1. No book and NO CHOCOLATE?!?!?! Cathleen, that's crazy! =)
    That green sausage, well, let's just say it looks less than appetizing.
    What are you sewing these days? More skirts?


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