Tuesday, August 31, 2010

how does your garden grow....

Saturday at the market was notable because the price of onions went down by 75 cents a pound... but I'm sure that is important only to me.

but pineapples were only $1!  
The roses are from my brother-in-law's nursery, not my yard....

however, very excitingly my one and only rose plant that survived in my yard bloomed this week.  It's taken about 10 months for it to actually flower, because any time it produced buds before a goat ate it.

we went from pretty much nothing growing in our yard to things growing all over the place in about a month-- living in the tropics makes you look like a pro gardener.  We won't mention that most of these plants self- seeded from the compost pile.

something is eating our tomatoes though

we have harvested a couple of watermelons already

papaya.... not a fan 

we also are growing lettuce, cabbage, sweet peppers, beans, and corn!

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