Friday, September 10, 2010

in training

My sister is in Russia, and wrote to us about a circus she went to where there was performing cats.  The cat stood on the back of a dog, and then a chicken stood on the cat’s head.  This impressed me, so I decided to train my cat for the Belize circus.

She is a born and bred Belizean though.  We made it half way through the first ‘roll-over’ before she fell asleep.  Maybe I’ll start with the chickens


  1. Oh Cathleen - I am literally laughing out loud! If only everyone who reads this post could understand the full humor!!!!! LOVE it! Makes me miss you lots... particularly your dry practical humorous view of life. :-)

  2. I'm still laughing at this post! I love looking at the picture! Did I mention that we have a cat with extremely similar markings...I haven't seen many other cats like him. Annnd he's near fanatical laziness is an on-going joke around our house. So the hubby got a great laugh from this post too!!! Love it!


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