Tuesday, September 14, 2010

september celebrations

Belize celebrates two national holidays in September.  I think they arranged this to save on labor- everyone puts up decorations at the beginning of September, and they stay up for both holidays.
Since I had to study (a condensed, 18-page) history of Belize recently to take my nationality test, I actually know what is being celebrated this year.

September 10th was St George’s Caye day, which celebrates the battle where British pirates fought off Spanish invaders.  They did this a lot, but this last battle was special cause after that the Spanish gave up.  According to my official history book, the Spanish never really liked Belize anyhow because it was swampy and full of mosquitoes. 
September 21st is Belize’s Independence day, which celebrates the day in 1981 when Belize got it’s independence from those dang pirates…. I mean England.  Of course  Belize had been governing itself since 1964, and by 1981 England was pretty much begging Belize to get out!  but Belizeans like to be more patriotic about it and talk about the rights and freedoms and so on that they gained.  The Queen’s profile is still on the money though…  Anyways, these holidays mean dances and parades and fireworks and a day off from work, and of course lots of decorations.  

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