Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a visit to the jungle

A few days ago we got to go visit some friends who live "back a bush," as the creole speakers like to say. (on a side note, I once saw a bus that had that listed in the window as the destination. I wondered how people knew which back a bush the bus was going to?) Anyways, Daniel used to go and visit this family when he was a little boy- it took him 4-5 hours by horseback.  There is a road now, so it takes about 45 minutes from Benque.  Then a few miles after their farm, the road ends.  


The farm is literally carved out of the jungle.  They have no electricity, but manage quite modernly with some solar power and propane.  They host tourists and archeologists who are studying a mayan ruin that is about 5 miles away and only reached by horseback.  There are still many mayan ruins and caves that have yet to be formerly explored in this dense jungle.  We took a brief horse ride out to some hilltops, and as far as you could see was undomesticated wildness.

Belize is s small country, relatively speaking, but being on that hilltop and seeing the miles and miles of uninhabited and mostly unmapped jungle made me realize how relative that really is.

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