Wednesday, December 15, 2010

travel tips

I'm in and out of Belize a lot, and as a creature of routine I have a packing/ traveling method down.  I thought I'd share some tips for those who might be traveling this holiday (and perhaps dreading security...)

1.  I always dress nicely.  It really does affect how people treat you.

2. I never have anything in any of my pockets. Everything is in my purse.  My purse gets dumped out the night before I leave, and anything that is super important, plus travel documents, goes back in.

3.  In my purse- lots of PENS for all those pesky forms (and extras for my seat neighbors who forgot theirs).

4. My carry on is a small backpack, which I put under the seat in front of me.  Much, much easier then overheads.

5. I always put a few essential medicines (for headache, upset stomach), a clean shirt, and some clean underwear in my carry on.

6.  For comfort on the plane:  A large, cushy pair of socks (I take my shoes off and put them on, it helps a lot if your feet tend to swell), my ipod with movies (dang you continental for charging for entertainment!!) and a cashmere blanket (soooo warm.  Mine is made out of thrifted sweaters.)

Hope this is helpful!

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