Monday, January 24, 2011

an unlikely couple

This is Firefly. A couple of weeks ago we sold her mom, and even though she was old enough to be separated, she still ran around anxiously calling and looking for her mom.  It was rather pathetic.

So Daniel decided to give her some company, and stuck Homer in her field.
They are hysterical to watch.  They have quite the love-hate relationship going on.  During the day, they wander together around the field grazing. Every once in a while Homer decides to show Firefly who is boss, and tries to buck her.  She responds by spinning around and smacking him with her hind foot.  This goes on for a few minutes, then they settle back down to grazing.
contemplating a kick

But Firefly stopped looking for her mom, and Homer is also much more content now that he has a friend.  He used to wander around getting into trouble and looking for other (lady) goats, but now he is happy to eat all day with occasional breaks for naps in the sun

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