Monday, August 15, 2011

snapshots: visitors

So like I mentioned, my parents came for a little visit.  It was hot, but my car is air-conditioned.  We spent a lot of time driving around :)

 We found an old steam engine in the jungle, which amazingly was made in Pennsylvania

We attempted to go to a cave, but it was flooded....

This is Daniel's "caves are scary" face.  We also went to the inland blue hole, which normally has quite stunningly blue water.  Unfortunately the water was brown (it rained a lot).

We played scrabble by lantern-light.  Daniel beat us all, repeatedly.

And a cool sunset.  That shiny white dot is the moon.


  1. I love that Daniel beats you guys at Scrabble! :D I so must return one day!!!

  2. He loves scrabble- he even lets his kids play it in class if they are good, which they think is amazing :)


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