Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So did you know I live only a couple of miles from Guatemala?  It's actually closer for me to go shopping in Guatemala then in Belize.   Here is a view of Belize from Melchor:

I'm standing in Guatemala in this picture.  The circled area is Benque (in Belize), and that blue squiggle is an amazing artistic representation of the river that separates the two countries.

I think it's interesting that when you cross the border from Belize to Guatemala, everything feels different right away, even though it is no distance at all.  People dress differently, they eat different things, and they treat me differently (ie no one hisses at me, says "hey baby," or makes kissing sounds.  Ah, Belize).  

river border
Aside from enjoying the differences between countries, the big reason why I head over to Melchor is to SHOP.

big grocery store that has things I can't get in Belize.  It's very exciting, ok?
There is a market where you can get your made-in-guatemala-clothes fix.  There is also a second hand store.  Why yes, I do shop at the thrift store in a third world country.  

Also, tacos.

and, if you need some culture after all that consumption, random Mayan relics:

He probably got that skirt at the thrift store.


  1. Those tacos are making me sooooo hungry!!! I love walking down memory lane (and learning all sorts of new things along the way) via your blog! And, uh, yeah the 2nd hand store comment cracked me up!

    1. Come and visit and I'll take you for tacos! They are just as good as they look :)


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