Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring babies

We have a new crop of baby goats, two sets of twins and one rather large singleton.  They are, of course, the cutest things ever.  My 6 year old niece put herself in charge of naming the goats.  Therefore, all my nieces and nephews---Mary, Mark, Michael, Johanna and Rafael-- now have fuzzy, bouncy namesakes.

We are bottle feeding the smallest two.  They stay with their mom during the day, but the second we come home they run to us for a bottle.  If you don't immediately comply they latch on to any available body part.... which is usually the top of a boot, since they are only about 12 inches tall.  

It never stops being funny to me when I look out the window and see Daniel, followed by a string of baby goats.  Adding to the fun is our miniature rooster, who runs after Daniel all morning as he does chores.  A rooster running is one of the funniest things you will ever see.  We may not have tv, but we always are entertained....

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