Thursday, August 2, 2012

from scratch

THIS is home-made marshmallow fluff.   Why?  Because you can't buy it here in the store, and sometimes life necessitates marshmallow fluff.  Namely to add butter and sugar to and make into frosting.  Surprisingly, this was super, super easy to make-- corn syrup, boiled, added to egg whites whipped with a bit of cream of tartar.  Who knew?  

Living here + liking food means that I had to learn to cook totally from scratch.  This has been a long, painful process, because I don't like to cook.  I like to EAT.  So basically desperation has fueled my education.  I realized the other day that I have made a ton of things from scratch since moving here, many of which I honestly did not realize could be made in my own kitchen.  Like marshmallow fluff.  Other things:  ginger ale, bagels, chocolate truffles, oreo cookies, those amazing chocolate lava cake things,  pancakes (I thought using Bisquick was making it from scratch), pasta, granola, not-from-a-box cake AND brownies, and more things I can't remember now.

The take away message here is:  I live in the tropics.  We have a hammock on our back porch.  I cook good food.  Come visit me.


  1. We currently have a bet going on the sex of baby #3... If I win, a trip to Belize is in our future!!! (But there is that whole 'new baby thing'. You guys will be there for another year or so, right?!) :D

  2. And I need need need to know how to make Oreo cookies from scratch. Please!

    1. Hi Jena!
      Listen, this farm is full of babies. We can handle a few more any time!
      I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen for the oreos, but I would suggest decreasing the butter a bit because mine were kinda greasy. Here is the link:

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