Wednesday, September 5, 2012

coke in glass bottles

There is not much better on a muggy afternoon than an ice cold bottle of coke.  Especially because coke has a monopoly here, so you can't get a pepsi even if you wanted.
Something about a glass bottle just makes the experience better though. Although in Belize you do have an interesting option if you would rather not pay the 25 cent deposit for the bottle.  The checkout person at the grocery will ask if you want to take the bottle, which is quite confusing at first. How else would you carry the liquid home? If you decide not to take the bottle, the cashier will open your coke, pour it into a small plastic bag, and pop in a straw.  Dubious hygeine, but you have just saved 25 cents...

1 comment:

  1. drinks in plastic bags!!!! Oh Belize, how I miss thy quirkiness!


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