Wednesday, March 13, 2013

book review: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This book was just DELIGHTFUL.  Rather then a long review, here are a few reasons why I loved it.

-- The setting is a place I had never heard of (Guernsey) and now I really, really want to visit. I asked Daniel if he had heard of Guernsey, and he said of course because that is where Guernsey cows come from.  Touche.

--The whole book is written as a series of letters.  I think this approach has the potential to be very hokey and confusing, but the authors did such a wonderful job.  The letters allow the different voices of the characters to really shine.

-- Speaking of the characters, I want to be real-life best friends with them.  Basically, I want to move to this book.

--Finally, be sure to read the author's note and learn why there are two authors.  It's a touching story.

Go read!


  1. LOL! I've been waiting for your review (and slowly working my way through "HeLa").... and this one is already on my list! Perhaps I shall bump it up a bit! Have you read Wild?

    1. No, but it keeps getting recommended on my goodreads page. I feel it's in the "eat, pray, love" find yourself category, which I'm not a big fan of.... let me know if you read it/like it. And definitely bump up this one!

    2. It is perhaps somewhat in the "eat, pray, love" category. However, it sets itself apart because of the setting and physical challenge she sends herself on. I'm totally on a mission to hike the PCT now! Well, let's be honest... some time when the wee babes are not quite so wee.

      Also, did you do something extra to have this 'reply' feature in your comments section? I haven't found it when trying to reply to comments on my blog. Am I a dunce?!

    3. I'll have to look into that book then... any other recommendations?
      Here is instructions on the reply thing, it's just a quick settings change in blogger :)


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