Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sliding Rocks

Want to go on an adventure?

The best thing about a 2 and 3 year old:  the answer is always YEAH!!!!
No lack of enthusiasm for Mom's ideas over here.

Anyways, the first month or so we arrived the weather was amazing and I was motivated to see as much of Samoa as possible, within a 30 minute bus ride.  Right down the street from us is Papase'ea sliding rocks, which is a stream with smooth channels in the rocks that you can slide down, like a natural water slide.

The stream is in a valley, so it is shady and cool.  It's a pretty steep hike down, but the stairs are nicely maintained, and the whole area is cleaned and landscaped by the local village's women's committee.  The entrance fee goes to this committee, and it's nice to think they are benefiting directly from all the tourism.

The water is cool and clear.  When we were there the water level was low, so you couldn't go down all of the slides,  That was fine with us, we just paddled about with the girls.  Until I got it in my head that I had to at least go down one big slide, the biggest one there, because you can't go to the sliding rocks and not slide down the rocks, right?

the slide from the top

Well.  Once was enough.  Turns out the rocks are so slippery that there is no friction to slow you down, so it is more like a water drop then water slide.  One second I was at the top of a 20 ft cliff, the next second I was at the bottom, with the wind knocked out of me and a nose full of water.  Not... as much fun as I was expecting :)

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back this weekend.

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