Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter in Belize: Cross Country

The Easter Saturday Belize Cross Country bike race is a big deal here.  Every year Belizeans line the Western highway to cheer on their boys (even though for the last 364 days they have cursed the teams for taking over the highways to practice), and those who don't line the roadsides tune into the live radio broadcast.  And every year for the past 6 years, Belizeans have been disappointed with a non-Belizean winner.  Sadly, this year was no exception with a Venezuelan winner.  But there is always next year....

waiting for the racers - the whole highway (the only main road) is blocked to traffic

we joined my niece and nephew for their first race experience

the race approaches...

Wait a second.... police sirens and tv helicopters make really scary sounds!!!

everyone screams and cheers as all the bikers ride by- even for the very last guy trailing way behind

ok Tio let's go home.

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