Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter in Belize: Monday Races

Easter Monday in Belize finds all horse lovers (or anyone in search of stewed....anything) in the village of Burrell Boom for the annual horse races.  The track is sand, and the grandstand is a wood platform with a zinc roof.  The horse stables are three- sided open air structures-- which means you can walk right up to the horses.  I wouldn't pet them though- they probably bite.

This guy looks disdainful -- "who are all these ugly hairless two leggers invading my space?"

"Yeah, get a little closer buddy and we'll see how  much you want those fingers"

the guy leading the horse is Daniel's brother.  The horse is his, and this was their first race- very exciting!
The horse finished 4 out 5-- but the 5th rider fell off his horse, sooo....

the starting gate

I just loved this jockey's shirt.

A note on stewed anything-  the most popular dish in Belize is rice and beans, which comes with stewed meat of some sort, usually chicken or beef.  At the races, your selection broadens to include deer, agouti (a small rat/rabbit creature), hecati (turtle), and iguana.  Yum.

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