Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Like Christmas morning.....

but not a grown up Christmas morning, but Christmas morning when you are 6 years old and get that doll you've been wanting for months.

That's what my day has been like
-- one of the two air-conditioned places within 20 miles happens to be an internet cafe- and I am sitting in it now.
-- I got an unexpected package from my friend Anne (you are awesome Anne!) filled with chocolate.  And peanut butter.
--Amazon and my computer software have now harmonized and I downloaded the Kindle reader onto my computer.  And then quickly realized that I will have to be very, very careful because the thought of all those books at my fingertips is quite overwhelming, and could be quite overwhelming to my credit card.  (There is one library here, and I've already read all the books.  There are no bookstores.  Kindle will change my life here :)

Really, when you live in Belize, small things can just make your day.

1 comment:

  1. Aw, Cathleen!! I love love love all your updates. Seriously, it makes me miss Belize so much. You are SUCH an amazing, patient woman.

    I am soooo happy you have a Kindle!

    Sarah Sheldon


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