Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately; due to some software issues I can't process pics on my computer.  Sadly, Macs just don't seem to be the thing in Belize-- as I was told by one computer store owner who did not have a mac version of the software, "Macs are 'special',"  kind of in the tone you use when someone is being a total dork.  But I should be getting the software I need soon. 

On another note-- a funny incident happened at the clinic that I thought I'd share.  We have some lovely doctors visiting from England, and the other day they saw a lady whose ears were blocked with wax.  With the help an interpreter (not me :) they told her to put some warm olive oil in the canals to soften and loosen the wax, and come back in a few days.
Monday, the patient returned saying the treatment had not helped.  Unfortunately, she had put oregano in her ears instead of olive oil (oliva in spanish)!  The doctors spent some time picking it out of her ears :)

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