Monday, August 23, 2010

wedding fun part one

This last week has been crazy, but soooo much fun.  We had house guests all of last week, and then saturday was two- wedding craziness!  And, amazingly, I managed to finish all of the crafts I volunteered to do and still sew my dress!

flower- girl hair clip

On saturday, my schedule went like this:
8am- decorate reception site for wedding #1
10:30- decorate reception site for wedding #2
12:00- run home and get ready (and make last-minute corsages and some wedding cards!)
1:30- wedding #1
3:00- wedding #2
5:00- reception #1
7:00- reception #2

requerdos (wedding favors)- so Belizean!  the more flowers, bows, and plastic, the better :) My glue gun was my best friend all day friday, along with the Glee soundtrack (thanks Alison!)

My sister-in-law's wedding colors were gold, silver, and peach... I really wasn't sure about that combo, but I ended up liking how it came out- sort of fairy- tale-ish and sparkly.

...never mind that someone forgot to bring the boutonnieres to the wedding, so they didn't get worn...

My craziest project was making a faux- capiz-shell chandelier out of  waxed paper.  It sounds crazy, but I copied it from a design*sponge diy which looked really authentic.  Mine looked slightly less cool cause I ran out of ribbon and patience:)

Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of mine at the reception-
cause by the time I got to there, this was occurring:

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