Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where I get my food: eggs

I have a sister-in-law named Carla.  She is short and energetic, and has been known to kill snakes as thick as her arm using a fence post, a useful quality in a sister-in-law.  

Carla keeps a lot of chickens, which is good for me, because that means I do NOT have to keep chickens.  I hate chickens. When you enter their territory they slowly wander up to you, looking at you out of one yellow eye, until before you know it you are surrounded by creepy chickens making weird noises.  They don’t cluck, it’s more like baaaaawk bawk bawk.   And their feet are gross and rubbery.  Also, the reason why Carla has to kill snakes is because they come looking for eggs.  

So I go to Carla’s to get my eggs.  She lives right down the driveway from me.
Some of the eggs are brown, some are speckled, and some are the loveliest pale green. 
And there is no comparison with a fresh, fresh egg

A new breed of head less chicken they are developing here in Belize. Less noise, more meat.

Shortly after I took these pictures, I wiped out on a patch of mud and dislocated my shoulder (it’s fine now). Coincidence, or did a chicken give me the evil eye?

(people here have a very strong belief in the evil eye.  Babies wear red bracelets to protect them. I have heard people seriously blame illnesses, livestock deaths, even curdled milk on the evil eye. You can get the evil eye if a drunk man looks at you, so why not a glare from a chicken?)


  1. Kathleen, I LOVE reading your blog! You do SUCH a great job!

    I am TOTALLY with you on the chickens. If someone else would raise them and share eggs, that is the way I would go. I was just thinking the other day, if I had a farm, what animals would I have....even though I despise chickens, they might come first, only because every morning I have 2 scrambled eggs, and I love chicken...ugh! I guess I need to have a Carla nearby. =)

    Hope your shoulder is feeling better!

    BTW...the actions you lead me to for photoshop, I couldn't get to work with my Photoshop, it's Elements 8...and I just dumb? Is that what you use? Anyways, I am starting to learn my way around mine a little, it's SO much fun!

  2. Hey Sharon!
    I use the actions on Elements 8 too- it's just a tricky installation process. There is a pretty good video and tutorial on how to install them though linked on the same page you can download them from- I would try that. It took me a few tries before I could get them to work but totally worth it. Good luck!


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