Tuesday, December 7, 2010

in transit part 2: why I love the Belize airport departure lounge

Because of overheard conversations, which make me appreciate where I live... and also get ideas:

-Where did you stay?
-We went to San-ig..nn...ummm [trails off into mumble as she realizes she has no idea of the name]... I mean, we went Inland.
-Wow, you went.... Inland?!?
-Yeah, it was AWESOME.  It was like a two hour drive, but you know it would probably take like 15 minutes in the states, the roads were just so bad.  But we went on this night hike, it was only $12 US.  We saw tree frogs, and spiders, and scorpions.  And they had an outdoor shower, it was so cool.  You should go if you come back!

Wait a minute.... I could charge $12 US for--- A tour of my bathroom at night!  With the added bonus of fruitbats!! And we could offer (for a little extra) an authentic bucket bath experience!

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