Wednesday, February 16, 2011

painting help

So over the weekend I painted my front door, and I love it:

and yes, I did consider photoshopping out the muddy dog prints, but ended up being too lazy.
Anyways, I need some opinions on what color to paint the porch pillars.  Option 1- leave them unpainted,

option 2: black (I love, Daniel can't stand)
option 3: white (not sure how long it would stay white...)
opinions?  Other suggestions?


  1. orange. or a pale minty blue - see Camille's room color in the background of my post "this girl of mine".

    I'm thinking I"m being a bit too non-matchy/Belizean for you! lol ;-)

  2. I seriously considered flamingo pink... I wouldn't want to stand out from the neighbor's tooo much.... :)

  3. I'm a fan of the white. The black looks a little too dark in my opinion.

  4. I haven't checked your blog in a while, but I have an opinion! :)

    What about a nice, flat gray? Gray is really "in" right now (because I know that matters SO much in Belize ;)), but it's also really neutral, without being white.

    I did a quick google image search and saw this room as a good inspiration for the color of gray I'm thinking: (or even a shade lighter than that wall) See how great it looks with green!

    And this way, if you ever want to add a splash of orange, it would be INCREDIBLE. ;) I'm sure Daniel would love that.

    - Sarah, the Sheldon-now-Kisling


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