Monday, February 14, 2011

baby goats for valentine's day

just born

these are the tiniest little guys we've had yet

see how little?  I was checking here to see if he was able to suck yet.  We had to work hard to save these guys, they were really weak when they were born.  The second one nearly stopped breathing, we had to blow in his nose for quite a while.  We had to feed them both from a dropper for a bit because they were too weak to stand or suck.  But now they are one week old and running around like crazy!  Still no names yet- they go by #1 and #2.  I want to call them Henry and James, Daniel is pushing for #11 and #12 (we have 10 other goats).

1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking Thing 1 and Thing 2! Perhaps it's only b/c The Cat in the Hat is currently showing on our television. haha My first memory of visiting Mr. D-juan's casa - feeding a new baby goat. Too funny!


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