Friday, April 29, 2011

House tour part 3: bathroom

We have a very nice bathroom.  In fact, Father Mark says it is the nicest room in the house.  I just am entirely incapable of getting a good picture of it.  So one mediocre picture will have to do.

This actually shows the color pretty well.  My favorite parts are the vintage bus window, the tea towels I used for curtains (linen, and only $2 at Ikea!) and the fact that the roof and the top of the wall aren't sealed together, so it never gets to hot and humid from bathing.  Also the passion fruit vine makes it kinda jungly.

Now back to watching videos of the royal wedding.  It's making me wish I had an occasion to go to where I could wear an awesome hat!

EDIT: My mother is concerned that people will think my sink is dirty from this picture.  So to relieve her concerns:  the mirror is old and tarnished.  The sink is clean. The end.

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