Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sometimes this is our view through the truck windshield in the mornings.

Last weekend was the agriculture fair, we brought rabbits, goats and a calf.  This was my hammock set- up with Homer the goat.  It went fine until he decided he was hungry and got cranky and started bucking me into the fence.

Finally, after over a year and multiple decimations by goats, our passion fruit vine is flowering!  I am so looking forward to fresh passion fruit juice!

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  1. Hi!
    Hope everything is good in Belize at the moment!- can't believe it was a year ago we were borrowing your bikes to head off to DuPloys! How was this year's agricultural market?- did the government put on transport to get there this year?!
    We all got very excited about the Royal Wedding over here!- lots of street parties and flags everywhere! Did Nurse Margaret celebrate?
    Hope the goats aren't destroying the passion fruit vine!
    Take care,

    Laura (and Peter) x


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