Thursday, June 30, 2011


I herded goats with my car today.  Which I think officially makes me awesome, because anyone can herd goats, but using a car? That takes skill.  For work I sometimes get sent to Cayo to do errands, and I get to drive! (always enjoyable-  I can't drive our truck, it's standard, so I don't ever get to drive).  On the way back  I stopped at home and encountered all our goats far from our house and heading towards the neighbor's corn field.  I rolled down the window, waved, yelled and honked, which scared the goats into running back towards our house.  Then I smugly drove behind them.  This behavior might seem far from awesome-- perhaps even slightly scary-- to anyone who doesn't own goats.  Trust me, the little punks deserve it.  When I came out of my house they had all surrounded the car.  I think they were debating whether to hot wire it or just carve their initials into the paint. 

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