Tuesday, July 5, 2011

29 on the 29th

Last week was my birthday, and since I was 29 on the 29th, which seems kinda special, I decided to document the day with photos.  Here are a few.

good morning flower bouquet from Daniel

birthday outfit bought at the market** fresh goat's milk with milo (a powdered chocolate drink) for breakfast** goats in the driveway** driving to work- the river is dirty from all the rain

lunch with Padre Mark**Dona Betty made beef burritos with fresh tortillas, so good** they just put in a new patio behind the rectory, and it is a lovely spot
Daniel made my birthday cake, and I decorated it :)
our nephews (yes, the one with pig tails is a boy- his parents are having anxiety issues about cutting his long curly hair), helping finish off the cake
It was a really nice day.  And the best part (my present) is still to come...!

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