Friday, January 27, 2012

mayans IN main street

So remember a while ago I showed you that they are digging up the main streets in Cayo?  Well this week, they dug smack into a Mayan site.  Belize is covered with Mayan artifacts; what makes this one interesting is the fact that Cayo is sitting on top of it, and also cause they found some human bones.  

(Actually, we have a ton of Mayan ruins on the farm.  They look like this:

[the grassy part].  You can't plant corn there cause its a pile of rocks.  All the ones on the farm have been checked out, though.)

Anyways, I went down to have a look.  Apparently I missed the bones by about 20 minutes:  they had just been taken into storage.  

This is the main street.  Notice, once again: no construction barriers.  At first I thought all these guys were just hanging around.  Then I realized they are the archeologists! Construction is obviously continuing—the backhoe would take a bucket of dirt and dump it on the side.  Then the men would quickly sift through it with their tools. 

The rest of the archeologists were hanging out at a nearby restaurant having some beers.  They let me take a look at todays find:  some partial pots.

I would love to know how old these are.  It could be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand years old-- the Mayans have been in Belize a long time. 
This is such a cool thing about Belize.  There aren’t boundaries.  If you want to wander over to an excavation site and chat with the workers, go right ahead (bonus if you’re a tall gringa- everyone will talk to you :)

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