Sunday, January 29, 2012

morning walk

Some weekends we like to go to Mass on Saturday night, so we have all of Sunday free.  We take the dogs on long walks through the fields in the early morning, when it is still comfortably cool.

The fields are divided so the cattle can be shuttled from one area to the next, which allows grass to regrow in between grazing.  There are only a few gates, so the quickest thing to do is go through the barb wire fences.
The first thing I learned after moving to the farm is CLOSE THE GATES.  The second thing I learned is how to go through a barbed wire fence.  Fortunately I am much better at closing gates then I am at going through fences.

This takes him about 5 seconds, and me about 5 minutes.  I also have rips in clothing and scars on my arms and legs from when attempts fail.  sigh.

My father in law is growing a garden on about 1/2 and acre.  He has corn, beets, carrots, cilantro, and potatoes.

Our idiot dog decided it would be fun to antagonize a 1600 lb bull.  We moved pretty quickly out of there.

We ended the walk with a visit with some of our horses, who were much more interested in resuming their naps then socializing with us....

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