Friday, April 20, 2012

what I have been up to

* I started a new blog which unfortunately has a very similar web address to another photography blog.  Sigh.  Anways, it's note the S or you will end up on someone else's site.
Enough about that.  The reason I started it is to force myself to learn more about photography.  I love looking at pictures I take, but I'm not super enthusiastic about actually learning how to use my camera and editing software. Hopefully this new challenge will help  Also, on this blog I tend to try and tell a story with my pictures.  Often I have a single favorite picture (like above) that I never get around to working with, and maybe this will fix that.

* I ran over a goat.  WITH MY CAR. The goats love to mill about in the road, but they generally will slowly move out of the way of cars.  Last week one decided not to bother, and since she was directly behind me I didn't even see her.  I heard a loud, panicked goat scream, figured out what might have happened, and quickly stopped reversing.  When I ran back to see what had happened, the now-quite-dusty-goat got up, shot me an evil look, and sauntered away.  She is fine. 

* On the running-things-over topic, one evening I was driving towards home, and about 400 feet from my house a 4 foot long snake started crossing the driveway.  I panicked, stopped, and then called Daniel and asked if I could run over the snake.  He said, "....well, I guess so."  (he doesn't share my ability to rise to instant panic level when confronted by a snake).  The snake looked at me, I looked at the snake, and then I slammed down the gas.  When I checked my rearview mirror, no flattened snake.  Of course, then I started to really panic because what if the snake somehow flipped up into the under-workings of my car? I drove the rest of the way home, sat for 5 minutes to psych myself up, and then leaped from my car and ran to the house.  Daniel says the snake just moved really fast and I missed it, which is an equally disturbing thought cause holy cow, how fast can a snake move??  I'm going to stop thinking about it now.

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  1. I have issues with garter snakes. Pretty sure a four foot long snake would give me a seizure. Also, looooove the photo blog.

    And thanks about Tristan. We're missing him like crazy, but keep laughing thinking about all the awful things he did. I have a photo of him wearing a t-shirt (what cat wears a shirt?) that Elijah gave him. Good times.


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