Wednesday, April 18, 2012

xunantunich horseback ride

Santiago has a horse-back riding business, Hanna Stables.  I'm pretty convinced the entire reason he does is so he has an excuse to buy horses all the time.  Santiago loves horses.  His horses eat better then he does :)

 Anyways, one of the tours he does is a ride up to Xunantunich (the Mayan ruin near our farm).  I asked if I could tag along one day, because taking a slow ride through the bush, across the ferry, and up the hill to Xunantunich seems like the perfect way to get there.

The first part of the ride goes on paths through the farm, and then we rode a bit on the roadside till we reached the ferry.

Then we lead our horses on the ferry and went across!  Only in Belize.  The ferry man knows Santiago, so he let us ahead of all the tourist vans and cars waiting.  It was fun.

Horseback really was the perfect way to go up the hill.  Slow enough to look around, but not too much sweaty effort on my part.

I've been up to Xunantunich a few times, but this day was particularly perfect.  The sun was out but not burning, and it wasn't too crowded.  We tagged along the end of a tour group as they discovered a whole family of howler monkeys in the trees behind the ruin, and ended up getting really close to the monkeys.  I have some pictures which I will not be posting... lets just say male howler monkeys maybe should consider wearing pants....

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