Tuesday, June 19, 2012

shower of gold

Triumph!  You know what is so special about the small, rather blurry photo above?  I took it with my phone and then uploaded it to blogger!  I know this is not impressive to those of you who have iphones and whatever, but believe it or not the technology to do this has only been readily available in Belize for about 5 months.

Of course, things can never run super smoothly here, which resulted in this awesome email exchange with my mother:

What I thought my phone send my mom:  A picture of my cat, with the caption "peed on the floor this morning"

What my mom got: no picture, just the one sentence.

What my mom replied: ? Daniel???

yes mom, my husband peed on the floor this morning and I felt like I should let you know.

BTW the tree in the picture above is called Shower of Gold.  Isn't it gorgeous?

1 comment:

  1. That totally cracked me up! A definite mom thing. =)


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