Thursday, June 21, 2012

catch up

After a long process involving a new hard drive, new software, and a new card reader, the mac is finally able to work with my pictures.  These pictures are from as far back as April.  I love being surprised by what I download from my camera, I had forgotten about most of these.

Corozal town's blue sky and blue sea never fails to take my breath away.

Baby Buns!!

Stealth cow....

There he is!

Best thrifting find EVER-- $600 US Manolo Blahnik shoes found for $2.50.  The cat has claimed them.

Behind me, a pickup full of feed.  The Standoff begins.

We ended up baby-sitting some baby geese at the Agriculture show this year.  This guy kept falling asleep with his little legs stretched out-- SO cute!

My 5 yr old niece left me this message on the fridge.   I'm thinking I should be frightened.

Spring field burning + sunset.

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