Monday, June 25, 2012

Belizean cheese dip

Guys, I am so conflicted about posting this recipe.  On the one hand, it is a food that is present at 99% of social functions in Belize.  Weddings, wakes, birthday parties, Quince Anos.... chances are good that if you've been to any sort of gathering here you have been served cheese dip along side your rice and beans. And probably scarfed it down as it is universally good, and perhaps want to recreate the goodness at home.  On the other hand, it is made from cheese so processed that it actually doesn't melt and has to be blended.  Although I have eaten this countless times, I have actually only made it twice because seriously? I don't want to think about the ingredients. I just want to enjoy.

 If you want to experience the non-gourmet but quite enjoyable cheese dip, here is the recipe.

1 small (220g) can of salsa.  La Costena is a Mexican brand and quite possibly the best salsa in existence
1 small can of condensed milk (unsweetened)
1/4 lb block of Happy Cow Cheese.  This is processed, shelf stable cheese that is available here in Belize, but I'm sure you can find an equivalent.  Look for a solid, processed cheese that doesn't need refrigeration.  Or use a block of American cheese.

Now prepare yourself for the complicated instructions.
Cut the cheese into small squares, and add to the blender.  Pour in the salsa, and about 2/3 of the can of condensed milk.

Blend until completely smooth.

Pour on tortilla chips, eat.
If you need it a bit more spicy, add a few drops of your favorite hot sauce.

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