Wednesday, July 4, 2012

guineas in the yard, snake in the closet.

I like this picture because you can't tell when it was taken.  1960's?  Maybe.  This morning? Also possible. Laundry, fences, and roaming birds tend to stay the same on the farm.

I have some pictures from my birthday last week, but right now I am dealing with a crisis of epic proportions which is a SNAKE in my BEDROOM, last seen heading towards my SHOES.  I am dealing with this in what I think is a very sensible manner; I ran out of the room, barricaded the door, called my husband to get home RIGHT NOW, and am currently sitting on the couch down stairs blogging to keep my mind off the snake until Daniel gets home.  My feet are also on the couch with me.... just in case there happens to be another snake lurking under the couch.  I am feeling rather mature and blase for not running screaming out of the house but A. it's raining and B. I recognized the snake as a common garden type and I don't feel like being laughed at by extended family.  My mother in law has been known to hack up snakes with a machete, and my sister in law once killed a snake as thick as her arm using a fence post.  Apparently I do have some pride.

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