Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The snake was vanquished. Lessons have been learned: lesson one, trap the snake under something before you flee, or face a two hour search for the missing snake. Daniel found the snake when he flopped onto the bed in defeat, and glanced up to see the snake twined into the rafters directly above the bed. Lesson two, snakes can climb up walls.
Moving on from that terrifying thought, as I have spent the last 3 days deep cleaning the house (only partially in reaction to the snake) and also because currently I only have internet on my phone, here are some lovely overly processed cell phone pictures of my clean house. I've never put up pictures of the upstairs before... so here it is.


  1. I don't know how, but I missed your last 4 blog posts!!! And as usual, I'm cracking up and horribly missing Belize and all of you guys. Also, next time - regardless of rain and over-achieving in-laws, I would recommend running screaming from the house!!! A SNAKE in the RAFTERS above your BED????!!!!!! Oh Cathleen! I'm a country girl, and I would just totally have died!

    1. What is that method for overcoming fears-- immersion therapy or exposure therapy or something? Yeah, that's what I've had for the past few years, and my tolerance of things has grown a LOT. Now I get worried that when people come visit I won't remember how normal people freak out when a 2 inch diameter spider hops by. My reaction these days is just to move my feet...


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