Thursday, July 25, 2013

7 quick takes vol. 7

 New baby horse!  She was a bit of a surprise, as her mom accidentally got into the wrong field and crossed with a stud... we weren't sure who though.  Lucky us, it looks like this little filly's dad is an Arabian.  She is absolutely beautiful.  I love baby horses at this age, they sleep with total abandon.

I like the idea of meal planning, but I always fail to sit down once a week and plan.  So I've decided to make a monthly plan, with the hopes of eventually getting up to 3 months at a time.  I already have about 3 weeks worth, and I am attempting to plan meals that are strictly stovetop-only.  There is nothing worse on a 90 degree day then heating up the oven at 4pm.  Recipe suggestions would be welcome!

Along with the meal planning, I'm trying to be better at consistently making bread. Buying bread in the store is frustrating, cause unless I can get into Cayo for fresh bakery bread, I am taking a chance and getting bread that is probably already stale and most likely will mold within a few days. I have a bread machine (which I got at the market a few years ago for $30BZ!) and I have fiddled enough with the recipe that I have it down to 5 ingredients and about 4 minutes of active time on my part.  The only problem is that the loaves are small, and if my husband is in the mood he can finish off an entire loaf in one setting.  This wreaks havoc with my meal planning....sigh.

 So, laminating is high on my list of tropical living life hacks; it protects against mold and geckos and damp, etc.  Once upon my husbands' teaching training time, he had a laminating machine, which jammed after about 2 uses.  Since then I have to go into town and pay a lot every time I want something laminated.  The other day I decided to pull out the old laminating sleeves and try laminating with my iron.  I just put my item in the plastic laminating sleeve thingy, covered it with an old t-shirt, and ironed on the cotton setting.  It worked fabulously.  I've been wandering around my house since, looking for more things to laminate.

                                                       --- 5 ---

I've started a new method for organizing my craft stuff.  When I decide on a new project, I throw every supply that I think I might need for it in a plastic bag.  Then whenever I have a few minutes during naptime, I can grab a bag and work for a while.  Everything gets thrown back in if I don't finish.  This is a hot air balloon mobile that I've been working on for about, oh, 11 months or so...

The new-to-us storage container came this week.  It is 8X17 feet, and our downstairs is only 10X26 feet.  So I'm a bit excited about the huge increase in storage space.  I'm sure my husband will fill it up fast though.

The Babes, on the other hand, was absolutely thrilled with the backhoe that helped move the container.  So excited, in fact, that he literally peed his pants in excitement :)

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  1. What a beautiful filly! She looks like one my mother's horse had (years and years ago), who was a Morgan/Arab cross.


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